Digital Cinematography and… well, mostly Digital Cinematography.

Forgive the Fallen – A Rockumentary

This is a short concert documentary about Baltimore rock band Forgive the Fallen. Concert footage shot at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD, as well as The Quarter in Baltimore, MD.

Interview footage was taken during the first ever Times of Grace concert which Forgive the Fallen opened. Shot with a Canon Vixia HG20 and a Canon T2i with Minolta Lenses. Live audio captured with a Zoom H2.

Special thanks to Margie Sosa, Brian Groomes, and Roger King for all their help throughout the filming process.

* Special notes:

Both concert footage and interview were filmed in available light. The spot used for the interview, a quaint corner in Baltimore’s rock club Bourbon Street Ballroom (used as backstage during the concert), was picked for it’s old-style brick beauty, and we used only one overhead light (since there were no power outlets available anywhere near for additional lighting). The Canon T2i sensor proves to be excellent in low light filming. Some noise reduction was applied using Magic Bullet Denoiser.

Shaky cam courtesy of the moshing crowd, for that genuine feel!

You can check out Forgive the Fallen on their Facebook page​forgivethefallen


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